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Wednesday 09-11-2016 | 12:00

A new generation, a new quality standard!

WIFO continue their innovation with a new generation of box rotators.As a result of the more intensive use of box rotators in crop farming and the increased use in the industrial sector, WIFO and their customers have pressed ahead with the development of box rotators. The outcome was an entire new line of box rotators to meet today's market requirements in full.As a consequence, the box rotators have become more durable and meet the highest quality standards. 


The new range of box rotators covers the entire market, from seasonal use right through to intensive daily use. WIFO developed the K54 as a successor of the K53 for average to above-average use. The K54 has been fitted with a wider gear wheel and gear rack, both with bigger tines. WIFO have also replaced the locking pin with a ball valve. This ball valve blocks the hydraulic circuit when the box rotator is not in use. The K54 comes standard with a high-quality plastic bearing bush. An adjustable tapered roller bearing is optional. WIFO also offer the box rotator with an integrated side-shift (model SK54). 


Both the K55 and the SK55 have been designed with an integrated side-shift for intensive daily use. The K55 has been fitted with a heavy cylinder to produce a large recoil force for problem-free distribution in a dosed manner.The box rotator is driven by a detachable gear rack with bearings by way of bronze bushes. The rotating cylinder is in a fixed position to prevent the hydraulic lines from moving with the tilting stroke.In addition, the folding support fork on the side of the box rotator is width-adjustable for 1200 to 1800 mm boxes.


Like the previous models, the K54 and K55 also provide an optimal view on the forklift carriers, and the box rotators come with hoses and rapid-action couplings. All box rotators have been fitted with a balancing valve to retain the cylinder pressure after the pressure drops due to an internal leak in the forklift truck. 


This new generation of box rotators enables WIFO to strengthen their position on the market and to set new quality standards. “We want to keep improving ourselves and we are always looking at new possibilities to provide our customers with the most durable and powerful machines made to perfectly match their needs” said Wytze Anema, Managing Director of WIFO-Anema BV.Using the motto “Next Generation Box Rotators”, WIFO will launch their new generation of box rotators by the end of November at the Interpom Primeurs in Kortrijk, Belgium.


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