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Thursday 12-12-2019 | 12:00

Innovation on the way!

2019 is almost over. A year in which we have continued our innovations behind the scenes. The result was already visible on the Agritechnica. Here we presented our new box rotator with hydraulic block and the new bar. The responses to this were very positive.
The K54COB box tipper is ideal for transporting two full boxes. A cylinder ensures that the fork carriage is blocked during transport and reduces pressure on the gear wheel and gear rack. This model is also equipped with an adjustabel ball bearing as standard.
The first series of five pieces will be ready in February. A few of these are still available. If you are interested, please contact us via +31(0)518-411318 or
A potato sorting bucket will also be available mid 2020. This new model Potato bucket is ideal for shoveling starch potatoes and beets. The spaces in the bottom of the container separate mud and dirt from the potatoes and beets. If you are already interested, request information via +31(0)518-411318 or

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