Note: due to the recent price increases of raw materials, we are forced to charge a surcharge of 5% per order. Read more.

Price Increase Announcement

Dear customer,


As you may have heard in the news media, the costs of raw materials, energy and transport are soaring. Major world events, such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, have repercussions on price developments and put the availability of raw materials and supplies severely under pressure.


As a result of such developments, we are compelled to adjust our pricing with effect from 1 May 2022. We have managed to keep the cost increase down to 5%.


The new pricing applies to all product groups, for both machines and parts. We hope for your understanding in these particularly challenging times and would like to assure you that we do everything within our power to guarantee the reliability of our deliveries and the continuity of our cooperation.


It goes without saying that we keep a close track of developments and hope that this adjustment will be temporary. We will reconsider our position as soon as prices of raw materials have stabilised.






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