Smart camera side-shift (three-point linkage, heavy duty)

■   Camera-controlled sideshift for weeding e.g. corn, beets and onions
■   Precise weeding at high speeds up to 20 km/h
■   Standard with load-bearing gauge wheels for track widths from 1.5 m - 2.25 m (optional to 3,20 m)
■   Total sideshift range of 300 mm
■   Linear shift across hard chromed axes

■   Equipped with high resolution camera and color recognition

■   3-point hitch: Cat. 2 and 3 (machine side)
■   Bolted, in height adjustable, catch hooks (Cat. 2) with automatic safety lock (tool side)
■   Suitable in combination with any type of weeder


Other terms and conditions apply to the Smart Camera Sideshift

Maximum load
Sideshift reach
DSD-Z-300 4000 kg 1625 mm 300 mm 400 kg € 23.500,-


Additional price
LED work lights for optimal crop recognition € 550,-
Manual joystick control € 750,-
Support wheels up to 3.20 m € 500,-
Less price
Without stabilization wheels and mounting (front linkage) - 750