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Tilting frame

■   Suitable for mounting telescopic- and shovel tools to the fork carrier of the forklift  
■   Including euro rapid coupling (mechanical)
■   Complete with hydraulic hoses and quick connectors

■   With rapid coupling to FEM2 or FEM3 fork carriage
■   Tilting angle: -30º/+88º
■   With rapid coupling to FEM3 or FEM4 fork carriage
■   Tilting angle: -22º/+88º


WIFO Tipping frame | flexible with front-end loader equipment

Using front-end loader equipment in combination with a forklift truck. That is done with the special model FE tipping frame. This tipping frame allows for quick and easy coupling of any type of front-end loader (euro) equipment to the forklift truck, such as bucket attachments, manure forks and bale clamps. An ideal solution when a front-end loader as well as a forklift truck is available. Using the rapid-action locking system, the tipping frame is easily attached to the fork carrier of the forklift truck. The frame on the equipment side is also fitted with a rapid-action locking system to secure the front-end loader equipment easily and quickly. That makes the tipping frame an ideal and flexible solution for an even more versatile use of front-end loader equipment.

Maximum load
Frontal extension length
Center of gravity
FE-200 1200 mm 1600 kg 280 mm 100 mm 175 kg € 3.400,-
FE-300 1270 mm 3000 kg 450 mm 195 mm 370 kg € 4.300,-


Additional price
Attachment parts for reachtruck or shovel Click here