Box rotator with hydraulic block

■   Equipped with hydraulic block of the fork carriage
■   Maximum box width: 1800 mm
■   180° rotation angle (left rotation as standard)
■   High-quality threaded tipping shaft with adjustable ball bearing
■   Open construction for optimal visibility on the forklift forks
■   Folding third fork with gas spring
■   Third fork in width adjustable
■   Including hoses and quick connectors
■   Excluding forklift forks

Maximum load
Heigth of the fork carrier
Frontal extension length
Center of gravity
Heigth third fork*
Fork carrier width
K54C-B 3500 kg FEM3: 508 mm 193 mm 156 mm 760 mm 1200 mm 360 kg € 5.400,-


Right rotated instead of left rotated € 200,-
Topfork (detachable) € 400,-
Hydraulic connection (not turning) € 200,-
Attachment to frontloader or reachtruck On request