Precision planter

Onion planting, the new standard
Planting onions with the precision of sowing. WIFO has developed the unique Precision Planter (PP) system especially for this purpose. The Precision Planter is the solution for planting high-quality bulb crops from 8 to 35 mm (optional up to 50 mm). Besides onions, the Precision Planter is also suitable for shallots, garlic and minitubers.


Efficient planting with maximum result
A higher yield starts with a regular planting distance. With the Precision Planter System, WIFO is taking planting of onions to a higher level, ensuring a consistent planting distance. This gives the onions sufficient space to develop, resulting in a uniform appearance, uniform bulbs and an optimal and highquality yield. The Precision Planter System keeps the number of doubles to a minimum, so there can be made optimal use of the planting material.


Precision at high capacity
With the WIFO Precision Planter, you can plant at an accurate planting distance with a driving speed up to 6 km per hour. This allows the Precision Planter to achieve almost a double capacity compared to a pneumatic onion planting system (max. 3,5 km per hour). The Precision Planter has an easy to fill bunker. From the bunker, the planting material is led to the elements via adjustable dosing valves. The onions are laid in a single row by means of the onions vibrating system, after which they are carefully laid through the pintle belt.


Control of precision
In order to keep an eye into the progress of planting, it is possible to provide the Precision Planter with an output check. By providing one or more rows with sensors, the desired output can be checked via the Müller Precimat. With the hydraulically driven precision planter, the belt speed can be adjusted automatically via the Müller Uni-Control S terminal. This means that the number of plants per meter always remains the same with a varying bulb size.


The Koningsplanter
The WIFO Precision Planter has the renowned plantation element of the Koningsplanter. Over the years, the Koningsplanter has proven to take onion planting to a higher level. The PP is user-friendly and easy to adjust to the desired planting  distance. The parallel suspension of the planting share not only keeps the distance but also the depth constant.


Precision planting
■ Minimum quantity of doubles
■ Optimal growth space
■ Saving on planting material
■ Higher yield
■ More uniform harvest result


■ More capacity due to high planting speed
■ Variation in the size of the planting material is not a restriction
■ Easy to operate and adjust
■ User-friendly


Options and model types:
■ Wider row distance for shallots or organic farming
■ Different track widths
■ Pull-type instead of mounted construction
■ Bunker extension rims
■ Spray kit
■ Individual row stop
■ Output control
■ Hydraulic drive


Track width
Row widths
Hopper capacity approx.
4 Rijer 1850 mm 1650 mm 2350 mm 1500 mm 25-30 cm 1250 l 550 kg
5 Rijer 1850 mm 1650 mm 2350 mm 1500 mm 25-27,5 cm 1250 l 600 kg
6 Rijer 2150 mm 1650 mm 2350 mm 1800 mm 25-28 cm 1475 l 650 kg
8 Rijer 2450 mm 1650 mm 2350 mm 2250 mm 25 cm 1700 l 750 kg