Attention: en raison des récentes hausses de prix des matières premières, nous sommes contraints de facturer un supplément de 5% par commande. En sovoir plus ici.

Price Increase Announcement

Dear Client,


Because of the recent price increases in raw materials, it is necessary for us to pass these on in our products. In recent months, the prices of steel and plastics in particular, increased 10 to 30%. This means that from April 1st. onwards, an additional 5% per order will be charged as a result of these price increases.


We expect (and hope) that this huge increase in prices of raw materials is temporary. We add the additional 5% as an extra line to your order. As soon as raw material prices stabilise again, we will reverse the price adjustment.


The delivery times of our suppliers are also under pressure. So far, this has not affected the delivery times of our own products, but there is a chance that this will happen in the future.


We ask for your understanding in the current situation and look forward to a pleasant continuation of our collaboration.




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