About WIFO

Harrows, trolleys, rear loaders, bale clamps, cultivators and box rotators. Just a random selection of the machines we produced in the past 60 years and were sold to our customers worldwide. With his ambition to make farm work easier, founder Wijtse Anema started designing and producing agricultural machinery in 1961. Not long thereafter, a company by the name of WIFO was established and the rear loader was introduced in the market. This turned out to be the breakthrough that made WIFO a household name in agricultural circles. The range of products would steadily grow and WIFO machines were used all over the world. Today, more than 60 years later, WIFO still plays a prominent role in the agricultural field. And our motto has remained unchanged. We still work with great passion on innovative solutions that make the labour of our end customers easier. These days, our machines not only play an important role in the agricultural sector but also in logistics and in the industrial sector.


Our basic principle has not changed over the years. We strive for the highest possible quality, both in terms of the materials we use and in the manufacture of our machines. Through close collaboration with our dealers we recognise the needs and demands from the market that allow us to develop technical and sustainable solutions for the benefit of our end customers.

With the commitment of 40 skilled and enthusiastic staff members and high-quality production machines, such as CNC-controlled metal cutting machines, a laser cutter and welding robots, we are able to produce high-quality products. Since the entire production process, from design to final assembly, is in our own hands, we can meet our customer demands in a flexible and rapid manner.


The WIFO Museum
The WIFO Museum was set up in 2011 on the occasion of our 50th anniversary. It started off as a temporary exhibition, but thanks to the great interest it was decided to turn it into a permanent museum. The museum paints a comprehensive picture of developments in the agricultural sector and the role that WIFO played over the past 60 years. The museum accommodates many relics, photographs and machines to tell the story of the prosperous development of our company. For instance, on display is one of the very first rear loaders, and the museum gives much space to the founder of WIFO, Wijtse Anema.


If you are interested in the WIFO story and would like to take a look in our museum, you are most welcome to pay us a visit.  The museum is open for the public on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.



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