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Minituber planter

The minituber planter is devoloped for planting small sets of seed like potato
minitubers. The working principle of the machine prevents damage to sprouted minitubers by a friendly way of transporting in combination with high speed planting.
The machine is equipped with two, four or six independent pendulous planting units with a row distanceof 75 or 90 cm.
Leaving the hopper by adjustable dosing valves, the minitubers are transported by vibrating
plates and belts to the planting units. The minitubers are placed in single lines on planting belts by the vibrating plates. The width of the planting belts can be adjusted dependent on the size of the minitubers.
The speed of the planting belts determines the planting distance of the minitubers. The planting belts are driven by one of the wheels of the machine, which means that changing driving speed doesn’t have an effect on planting distance. However, changing gears results in a larger or smaller planting distance.
The minitubers are guided downwards by a fingerbelt which is placed at the end of the planting belt. Because of the backwards direction of the fingerbelts the minitubers hardly move when they hit the soil, which results in an accurate planting distance. The planting depth is regulated by a wheel at the back of the coulter and can be adjusted in nine steps.
Pressure on the depth wheel can be given by a spring.
The disc coulters are covering the minitubers with soil.
The position of the discs can easily be adjusted to change the shape of the ridge.
The machine can be equipped with a spraying device for applying chemicals during planting.

Track width
Row widths
Hopper capacity approx.
Number of rows
MP20-150 1950 mm 1750 mm 2700 mm 1500 mm 75 cm 1,2 m3 (± 825 kg) 900 kg 2
MP20-180 2250 mm 1750 mm 2700 mm 1800 mm 90 cm 1,3 m3 (± 900 kg) 1000 kg 2
MP40-300 3450 mm 1750 mm 2700 mm 3000 mm 75 cm 2,3 m3 (± 1600 kg) 1600 kg 4
MP40-360 4050 mm 1750 mm 2700 mm 3600 mm 90 cm 2,7 m3 (± 1900 kg) 1750 kg 4
MP40 - 36'' 4100 mm 1750 mm 2700 mm 3658 (144'') mm 91,4 cm (36'') cm 2,7 m3 (± 1900 kg) 1800 kg 4