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Tuesday 18-08-2015 | 12:00

WIFO-Anema BV reinforces box rotator line with new K90 forward tipping box rotator

WIFO-Anema added a new machine to its box rotator line, the K90 forward tipping box rotator. The solid and powerful box rotator is ideal for emptying crops such as potatoes, carrots and onions in a product friendly way. The K90 box rotator distinguishes itself from other box tippers through the adjustable rear frame with which it can be used for different box sizes. The K90 box tipper is therefore a welcome addition to the potato intake process and ideal for farmers that use different box sizes.

The K90 foward tipping box rotator is available in several models for boxes from 1.200 mm up to 2.400 mm. Because of the high demand for a box rotator which is suitable for different box sizes, WIFO made the rear frame adjustable. This makes it possible to pick up, clamp and empty various box sizes.

The box rotator has a maximum tipping angle of 180 degrees is standard equipped with adjustable forks with which the box rotator is suitable for every type of box, regardless the position of the vertical bearers which support the bottom deck. The box rotator is also equipped with two hydraulic cylinders, which ensure that boxes up to 2.5 tons are easily tilted up and the products are emptied out carefully and product friendly. The clamp holds the boxes firmly on the front, and thus prevents damage to the boxes during the rotation. The clamping on the front also ensures that there are no obstacles during the emptying of the boxes. The Box rotator is standard equipped with a sequence valve so there is only one hydraulic connection necessary is equipped with a sequence valve that allows only one double-acting function is needed, and this in one operation clamps the chest and tip over.

With the new K90 WIFO reinforces her position as boxhandling specialist. The K90 box tipper will be introduced to the public on the Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover.

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