Drainage machine

A drainage machine helps regulate the groundwater level, thereby increasing the land’s usability and yield. For this purpose, we’ve developed the DM160 drainage machine in cooperation with our customers. The compact drainage machine ensures the accurate placement of the drain on any land and is suitable for GPS and Laser control for precise depth adjustment.
■   Compact drainage machine for fully trenchless drainage

■   Minimal damage and mixing of soil layers
■   Standard Cat. 3 coupling
■   Easy to transport
■   Drainage speed: +/- 4 km per hour
■   Preparation for GPS or laser control
■   Minimum required power: 300 hp
■   Slanted manganese knife
■   Centring the knife through hydraulic draw line adjustment
■   Simple absorption of drainage roll by a hydraulic reel
■   For cables and drainage pipes up to Ø80 mm (outside)
■   Complete with hoses and quick connectors
■   Depth control by double-acting lifting device



A drainage machine to endure current trends

Excessive rain, heavier mechanization, and intensive cultivation. Current developments which our soil has to endure. These developments cause problems for many farmers regarding water management of fields. The more time it takes to drain excess water from the fields, the higher the risk is that water will damage crops. The solution is proper drainage. With our DM160 drainage machine, you can protect your fields and crops against the current trends in agriculture. 


A drainage machine for fully trenchless drainage

Our trenchless drainage machine creates a clean cut through the soil. Trenchless drainage offers several advantages, such as minimal damage to the soil layers. The technique keeps the mixing of soil layers to a minimum. This ensures the soil structure stays intact as much as possible and can even improve the soil structure. Our drainage machine uses a slanted manganese knife, which provides a smooth cut through the soil. The hydraulic draw line adjustment adjusts the position of the blade. A double-acting lifting device controls the placement depth. The absorption of the drainage roll is effortless because of the hydraulic reel. 




Why choose our WIFO drainage machine?

Because of the compact design, our drainage machine is very easy to transport. The compact design also makes the drainage machine suitable for small plots of land. The drainage speed of the machine is about 4km/h, and it requires a minimum of 300hp. You can use our drainage machine for pipes up to Ø80mm (outside measurements). The drainage machine is delivered to you together with hoses and quick connectors. The machine is even prepared for the use of GPS or laser control. A machine that sets you up for the future!

■   Groundwater regulation
■   Improving the soil structure
■   Lower risk of crop damage during sustained periods of rain
■   Lower risk of trampling and wheel marks
■   Possibly faster harvesting through better access to the land
■   Extended field life
■   Increased field quality and yield

Why the WIFO DM160?
■   Compact construction, also suitable for small parcels
■   Minimal damage to the turf and mixing of the soil
■   Suitable for GPS or laser control
■   Low investment compared to the standard V-drainage plough



Better returns with the WIFO DM160 drainage machine

Adding drainage to your fields with our drainage machine is an easy way to extend the life and improve the quality of your field. It also lowers the risk of damage to crops during sustained periods of rain, which increases the yield from your fields. You can even harvest faster because drainage allows for better access to the fields. 

Machine width
Max. working depth
Number of teeth
DM 160 2755 cm 1400 mm 1 2450 kg Op aanvraag